Welcome to the online ordering system for GUSTO MARKET OF TASTE CO. LTD (hereinafter referred to as GUSTO). When you place an order from GUSTO you can be assured that we will deliver your merchandise with the utmost care. Please read the Terms of Service before ordering from us online. By placing an order and registering, you accept our terms of service. Please find information below on our shipping policies. 


All items are packaged and delivered directly from GUSTO in Taipei. We strive to deliver orders for your requested time slot. Delays may occur due to weather, availability of drivers, or other circumstances.

  • Orders placed AFTER 4:15pm for Taipei will be delivered the next day
  • No Monday delivery
  • We offer refrigerated, 1-hour delivery in Taipei City and 2-day delivery around the island (holidays might differ due to busy periods and orders).


  • All fresh and frozen food products are carefully packaged to maintain optimum quality. As needed, your order will be packed with ice packs and placed in an insulated container for shipment. 
  • For delivery out of Taipei City all goods delivery is available only via refrigerate temperature truck +2/+6°C


  • NOTE: orders already processed cannot be cancelled and address cannot be changed
  • We guarantee delivery only to the address you provide. Deliveries to incorrect or incomplete addresses cannot be guaranteed to deliver on time.
  • For any last-minute urgent changes to your order (goods or location delivery) please contact the shop. E-MAIL might not be read in time so call us directly and speak to one of our friendly team who will be happy to help.


  • We do not deliver on Mondays
  • Holydays delivery might be limited due to busy period, limited drivers and volume of orders


GUSTO is a friendly small business and our team takes great pride in selecting and importing the finest products from across Italy, Spain, and France. If for some reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for replacement, credit or refund.

  • Unfortunately, we do not accept returns of perishable items once you have received it. Please inspect your order before confirming receipt from the driver. If a perishable item does not meet your expectations, the driver will return it on your behalf to GUSTO. If you are paying C.O.D., the price will be deducted from your order in the moment. If you paid online, we will apply a credit to the same payment method used when placing your order (the amount will be refunded to your original credit card account within 10-12 working days, excluding regular holidays. Please pay attention to the current or next credit card statement, because different credit card banks have different operating procedures. If you have any other questions, please contact your credit card company) OR you may request a credit voucher for use on your next order.
  • We will accept non-perishable returns within 7 days of receipt. We cannot send a replacement, credit or refund for the purchase until we have the product back in inventory. If the product does not arrive in good condition to return to stock, then we will not be able to replace, credit or refund the purchase. Shipping charges are not refundable.


  • Delivery charges vary based on distance for Taipei city and and package size for Island wide delivery.
  • Delivery charges for Taipei range from NT$140 to NT$300 or FREE for orders over NT$2,000.
  • Delivery charges for the rest of the island start at NT$160 or FREE for orders over NT$5,000

***These terms may be updated from time to time. Please do check our Terms & Conditions before placing an order. 



歡迎註冊<好食多有限公司 – GUSTO MARKET OF TASTE CO. LTD>之線上訂餐系統(下稱本站)。請確實閱讀本服務條款後再行註冊,您一旦完成註冊後,即視為您已接受本條款所約定之所有權利義務。

當您從 GUSTO MARKET OF TASTE 下訂單時,您可以放心,我們會以最謹慎的態度交付您的商品。您將在下面找到有關我們運輸政策的信息。




所有商品均直接從台北GUSTO MARKET OF TASTE 包裝和交付。我們努力在您要求的時間段內交付訂單。由於天氣、可用性或其他情況,可能會出現延誤。

  • 我們提供台北市內1小時送達,全島2天送達,並提供冷藏送達服務
  • 週一不提供送貨服務
  • 外送地址恕不接受臨時更改,以避免因運費差額產生爭議






  • 若有任何即時需求請直接電話聯絡門市人員,EMAIL信件可能無法得到即時回覆處理。


  1. 訂單送出後如欲修改訂單,請致電本站「商店資訊」中所提供之電話號碼向相關人員提出要求,惟本公司保有最終修改、變更與取消訂單之權利,訂單一旦確認後將無法取消。
  2. 本站就用戶紀錄判斷該訂單不可信賴時,有權保留拒絕該訂單的權利並逕行通知。
  3. 本站對不特定產品若因各式因素產生缺貨情形,有權對您發出通知表示拒絕或要求您修改該訂單。



  1. 本站食品類別貨品既出恕不接受退貨,除產品本⾝身與標⽰規格不符、貨品品項錯誤、或瑕疵品方可退換貨。 若有任何疑問,請拍照並儘速與本站聯絡,我們會儘快為您服務。
  2. 針對符合退換貨標準之商品,退換貨前請務必先與本公司人員聯繫並確認退換貨相關事宜,再將欲退換貨之商品退回指定地址,待商品驗退無誤後我們將立即為您辦理商品更換或退款手續。
  3. 請保持商品、內外包裝、消費發票及其他附件或資料之完整性,切勿有任何缺漏或毀損,否則恕不接受退貨申請。瑕疵品退換貨運費由本公司負擔,但若因消費者個人因素所造成之退換貨,運費則由消費者自行負擔。
  4. 若雙方達成退貨協議,將依循當初選擇之付款方式將款項退還。若使用信用卡付款,則將於10-12個⼯作天內(不含例例假日)退刷款項至您原付款之信⽤卡帳戶,請您留意當期或隔⼀期信用卡帳單,由於各家信用卡銀行作業程序不同,若您有其他疑問,請向您的信⽤卡公司洽詢。



  • 會員點數累積請提供電話,若未能提供電話點數將無法累積
  • 點數折抵僅限會員本人至門市折抵,線上訂購無法折抵
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