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Gusto Market of Taste is your friendly neighbourhood Italian café and grocery store! Located in the heart of Taipei, we offer dine-in, take-away and delivery service. Each month our team has the best quality products flown in from across all of Italy, including delicious deli meats and cheeses, wines, the best-of-the-best olive oils, artisan grocery items, and more.

Yummy food

fast delivery

top quality

From 480$

cold platter

The best of Italy

An epic charcuterie board (AKA cold cuts and cheese platters), perfect for happy hour at home or your parties entertaining friends and family.

From 280$


Made With Love Like Mama Made

Made with freshly baked bread that’s both soft and crispy, dee-lish imported meats and cheese, and fresh veg from local farmers.

From 530$


Rich And Flavourful Sturgeon

Pairs perfect with crème fraiche, lemon wedges, hard-cooked eggs, blinis, and toast points lightly coated with unsalted butter.

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